Government and Government Agencies, Manufacturing, Construction, Transport, Maintenance, Leisure and Sport, Building, Strata and many more.

No matter what your industry, Ebix Trades Monitor can fully manage your compliance obligations. We are a fully managed outsource service available across Australia. Ebix Trades Monitor uses uniquely specialised certificate tracking software to proactively manage all forms of insurance and statutory contractual requirements. Our proprietary software has been designed specifically for tracking and verifying compliance documents and certificates linking an image repository, secure database and correspondence modules into one homogenous process. Importantly, as no two customers are alike, we also customise the system to our customer's precise specifications. Our software offers full audit trail, historical data, reports and customised dashboards.

Let Ebix Trades Monitor relieve you of the time-consuming work and administrative hassle involved in managing certificates of insurance and statutory and contractual compliance agreements for buildings, plant, equipment, leases, vehicles, contractors, suppliers, consultants and more, whatever your industry.

Our expert team:

  • Perform all of the tasks necessary to achieve insurance and statutory compliance
  • Manages the entire process of soliciting, validating, tracking and electronically storing your incoming certificates and documents
  • Can deliver on specific requests and a more customised approach to your business' compliance

We look after compliance for all these industries, plus more. Call us to discuss compliance management for your unique industry on 1300 558 168.


Maintenance Contractor Compliance
Government & Government Agencies Compliance
Construction Compliance
Transport Compliance

Strata Compliance
Building Compliance
Sport and Leisure Compliance
Manufacturing Compliance


Why not complete your compliance requirements with an online induction or a Work Health and Safety Certificate.

Ebix Trades Monitor has partnered with e3Learning to bring our clients a whole range of online courses, including general inductions and customised courses as required. View the range of courses here, or give Ebix a call to find out more.

We are also able to conduct Work Health and Safety assessments as per AUS/NZS 4801: 2001, including checks of current certification. For more information visit our Work Health and Safety page or call us on 1300 558 168.

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